Venus, Vesuv

Vulcan and Venus, the ugliest god and the most beautiful of the goddesses – the beauty and the beast – were a couple (not only) in ancient mythology. Since 2015 Saskia Groneberg has collected historical postcards, wood prints, and engravings of Venus and Mount Vesuvius, arranging them in changing layouts on tables and vitrines. The symbols for beauty and elemental force, man and woman, are quoted, staged, and deconstructed.

Venus, Vesuv
Collection of over 100 woodcuts, engravings, and postcards,
dimensions variable, 2018 – ongoing

Installation at D21 Kunstraum Leipzig in a custom-made steel vitrine, 220 × 100 × 70, 2021

Installation at Gesellschaft der Freunde des Gartenreich Dessau-Wörlitz on a historic billboard table, 2018
Venus, Vesuv
Experimental Artist Booklet, 28 pages,
foil offset print on folded sheets of transparent paper, 
31 × 21 × 0.3 cm, 2021
Edition Taube / ISBN 978-3-945900-85-7
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