Installation view at Lothringer 13 Halle Munich (Förderpreise der Landeshauptstadt München), 2020

Garden City

“Garden City” – the metaphor for a peaceful, sustainable garden city – is, in reality, a megacity with gigantic construction sites, modern malls, endless traffic jams, and burning lakes. A city that is growing exponentially, in all directions, on all levels. The name “Garden City” owes the city of Bangalore – one of the fastest-growing cities in Asia and worldwide – to its past as an attractive location with a mild climate, historical gardens, lakes, and flowering avenues.

The lightboxes, actually advertising media, show photographs of everyday details of today’s “Garden City”, in which old and new structures overlap and merge. They reveal an enigmatic beauty: the curved tree that disappears in the blue construction site barrier; leaves speckled with wall paint; or the billows of illegally burned rubbish that waft through the trees in the evening light. 
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