My interest in depictions of the crouching Venus began with my photographic work in Wörlitzer Park. Fascinated by a slightly disproportioned copy of her, I began collecting historical postcards – mostly collotype prints or real photographs. The various figures, originals, copies, and copies of copies, differ in larger and smaller gestures, in perspective, in the base, and in broken body parts. I am fascinated by the view of the female body, but also by the act and motif of the copy itself. For these silkscreen prints, I scanned, enlarged, exposed and finally printed several of these postcards on top of each other in varying shades of black, grey and white. During the printing process, I deliberately included blanks and errors to open up or close off views of the bodies and gestures. All of the prints are unique.

Silkscreen Prints, Guache on Paper
ca. 50 × 35 cm, 2023
unique copies
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