Der Weg, Kunst-Insel am Lenbachplatz Munich, March–June 2020

Der Weg

A man in jacket and jeans walks alone along a path lined with trees. The path leads through a circular opening in the tree structure and then turns to the right behind it. You can’t see where he is coming from or where he is going. Behind the opening it is bright, you can vaguely recognize meadows and bushes along the path. In one picture, the man is right before the opening – in the other, he already passed it. Seeing the man from the back, standing in relation to nature, we immediately place ourselves in his position: Where does the path lead to? Where do we go? The two images are taken from the series “Vesuv, Venus”: in the artist book, they mark the beginning as well as the end of an infinite story.

Inkjet-Film on Billboard display, 5 x 5 meter, 2021
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