Der Wasserfall (the waterfall)



preview / work in progress

2 channel video, projection, loop, about 15'

photographs, various dimensions


This work is a video projection as well as a longterm photography project around an artificial waterfall. It was laid out in the very early 19th century and is located in the city centre of Munich. A rapidly flowing canal, boulders, old trees and the picturesque waterfall create an seemingly wild scenery that magically attracts locals as well as tourists. Although swimming is officially prohibited and several people die every year, this place is a very popular bathing spot. The scenery seems like a theatre play with ever changing actors in a never changing script: Bodies of swimmers flow with dizzying speed through the canal, while a concrete wall in the middle apparently allows walking on the water. At the edge of the canal, passerbies stare, pose and take photographs. In the background there is the typical rush of walkers, bicycle commuters and rikschaws on the park paths.

 below: stills from the video projection